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Entrada seta Publicações seta Literature for Europe

Literature for Europe
European Identities and European Literature in a Globalizing World
ESF-LiU Conference
: 12-16 de Maio de 2007
Local: Vadstena Klosterhotell, Vadstena (Suécia)
Website: www.esf.org/conferences/07230

ImageLiterature for Europe: European Identities and European Literature in a Globalizing World - ESF-LiU Conference

Recently, the European Union welcomed fifteen new member states. The accession of a number of Balkan states is impending. Turkey is waiting in the wings. Transatlantic relations to the USA are hotly debated, in politics as in culture. China and India awake as economic giants. Globalization is upon us. At the same time, two of the earliest signatories to the treaties eventually leading to the European Union reject a proposal for a European Constitution, and linguistic, religious, and ethnic dividing lines show even in some of Europe’s oldest nation states. What role do literature, and the study of literature, play in the constant re-negotiation and re-construction of cultural identities all this implies? How do literary texts, genres, and forms, thinking about them, teaching them, respond to and shape ongoing processes of European self-understanding in our era of globalization? The conference will seek to answer these questions by charting key developments in a number of fields its organizers see as crucial to the emergence of a European common literary “space”: Literature and cultural value systems, Literature and cultural memory, Literary History, Translation, the impact of the New Media and the Information Age on matters of Literature and Identity, and the impact of the Postcolonial. Emphasis will be not on looking back, but rather on pinpointing where a specific field is at right now, looking forward to probable developments, and drawing up a possible research agenda for literary studies in Europe.


  • Theo L. D’haen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, BE

Organising Committee:

  • H. Buescu, University of Lisbon, PT
  • H. Hendrix, Utrecht University & Netherlands Graduate School for Literary Studies, Muntstraat, NL
  • S.E. Larsen, Aarhus University, DK
  • T. Mathews, University College London, UK
  • A. Nünning, Justus-Liebig University Giessen, DE

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