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  • Artafrica
    The website artafrica.gulbenkian.pt is the first public outcome of the many-faceted, innovative ArtAfrica Project, which began in 2001. It was launched by the Fine Arts Department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation within the framework of the Foundation's policy of development aid.
    Website: http://www.artafrica.info/
  • CecBase - Bibliografia Comparatista em Portugal

    This project consists of an online bibliography of twentieth-century comparative studies materials published in Portugal, being currently the major Portuguese database in this field.  It is available in the webpages of both the Centre for Comparative Studies and  the Library of the Faculty of Arts, University of Lisbon.  

    The ongoing growth of Cecbase has also to be mentioned. In the period under evaluation, CECBase has gone from circa 2500 entries to circa 6500, due to the Programmatic Funding that we were able to secure in the last Evaluation, and to which we are also applying in the current Evaluation. CECBase is currently the major database in Literary Studies in Portugal, and its importance for Comparative Studies but also for other connecting areas within Literary Studies in Portugal must not go unmentioned.

    Website: http://cecbase.comparatistas.edu.pt/
  • CILM
    From the beginning of the 1990s ( with the end of the Cold war and the Gulf War) to 2010 ( with the ongoing "war on terror") we find a corpus of city novels which is increasingly conscious of the politicisation of the image as well as of the intricate relation between fiction and (in)security. Our data basis examines the impact of the media in literary production and explores how images, messages and metaphors circulate between media (particularly visual media) and are reworked by contemporary writers in both sides of the Atlantic.
    Website: http://www.cilm.comparatistas.edu.pt/index.php/component/insegur/
  • OrionBase
    OrionBase é uma base de dados pública que procura disponibilizar informação bibliográfica (primária e secundária) sobre o problema do Orientalismo Português nos séculos XIX e XX.
    Website under construction
  • Tetra-Base
    TETRABASE: database on theatre translation in Portugal, which is an integral part of the project TETRA (Theatre and Translation): towards a history of theatre translation in Portugal, funded by the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) and implemented in CEC. The entries provide information regarding the description of the translation, type of translation, circulation and reception of translations for different media: radio, TV, stage and publication.
  • TradBase - Bibliografia Portuguesa de Estudos de Tradução
    A concepção e execução do projecto foram financiados pelas verbas de I&D da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa com o objectivo de construir e disponibilizar, na forma de base de dados, uma bibliografia que reúna organizadamente os trabalhos publicados em Portugal (e por investigadores portugueses no estrangeiro) no campo dos Estudos de Tradução, e que se encontram dispersos pelas mais variadas publicações, muitas vezes de restrita circulação e difíceis de referenciar através dos catálogos disponíveis.
    Website: http://tradbase.comparatistas.edu.pt/


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