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Alternative Urban Conversations #1

Date: April, 26th, 2017
Venue: University of Lisbon | School of Arts and Humanities (Room 5.2.)
Schedule: 3pm - 8pm

Portuguese version

Is there place for alternative urban narratives in today’s cities?

The project OFF-OFF Lisbon organises these talk sessions with artists and scholars from different subject areas, with the aim of reflecting on what we can consider an alternative urban narrative in contemporary cities. We intend to encourage a dialogue and discussion of arts practices by framing them within architectural, political and urban contexts and, at the same time, address the built environment in the expectation that new possibilities for social interaction, communication and creative expression will emerge.
Contemporary artistic practices, focusing on the city, are a privileged site for conceiving alternative ways of thinking and theorising about their distinctive spatiality: representation of space, the negotiation of the everyday, social relations and tensions, cultural difference and diversity. We propose to question critically binary oppositions such as centre/periphery, mainstream/alternative, to consider how marginal cultures are appropriated (or not) by mainstream discourses, how peripheral zones influence central positions of the cultural system and vice-versa, ultimately influencing identity formation. These changeable and unstable areas will be the focus of our discussion.
By envisaging the city as a variety of narratives and discourses, these talks intend to ponder upon these variations and movements in the cities, from a multidisciplinary and comparative approach.

Anselm Jappe talk with Luís Maria Baptista/Os Espacialistas

Anselm Jappe is the author of Guy Debord (1993, Antígona 2008), As aventuras da mercadoria. Para uma nova crítica do valor (2003, Antigona 2006), L’Avant-garde inacceptable. Réflexions sur Guy Debord (2004), Sobre a Balsa da Medusa. Ensaios acerca da decomposiçao o capitalismo (2011, Antígona 2012), Conferências de Lisboa (Antígona 2013), Uma conspiração permanente contra o mundo. Reflexões sobre Guy Debord e os Situacionistas (Antígona 2014). He contributed to the German journals Krisis and Exit!, founded by Robert Kurz, which developed the “critique of value”. He currently teaches in the Accademia delle Belle Artie in Sassari (Italy) and has been visiting professor in various European and Latin American universities. He also lectured at the Collège international de philosophie (Paris).

Luis Maria Baptista, n.1971
Graduated in Architecture at Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa in 1994, where he teaches Project class since 1999. Collaborated, between 1994 and 2002, with the architect and sculptor Artur Rosa, husband and photographer of the painter Helena Almeida, a fact that allowed him to raise awareness of the relations between art and architecture and have a prime contact with the drawing strategies, of space and body, in the teaching of architecture and the genesis of an architecture project. From that collaboration with the architect Artur Rosa, the highlight is the project for the Terreiro do Paço Metro Station, of which he was coordinator while he remained in the office.
The taste for images and their narrative possibilities, has made him develop for more than 20 years, a daily practice of photographic writing, of which the concept of real time photographical sketch was born, and from where the architectonic artistic project “Os Espacialistas” originated, which has, since it’s beginning in 2008, various exhibitions, artistic residences, installations, performative actions, workshops and publications, in galleries, contemporary art fairs, festivals, universities and institutions like the Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon) and the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Lisbon).
Since 2002 he holds an intense collaboration with the writer Gonçalo M. Tavares, in several articles, books and conferences, from which the photographical illustration of the Chronicles in Visão magazine, the “Illustrated Dictionary” of Noticias Magazine and the photographical illustration / graphical design of books like the “Viagem à India” (Trip to India), “Matteo Perdeu o Emprego” (Matteu Lost His Job), “Atlas do Corpo e da Imaginação” (Atlas of the Body and the Imagination), “Uma menina está perdida no seu século à procura do pai” (A girl is lost in her century searching for her father) and “O Torcicologologista, Excelência” (The Torcicologologist, your Excellence) stand out.

Regular activity organized in the scope of the project OFF-OFF Lisbon, of the group THELEME .

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