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Journey of Studies Travel and Utopia III

Date: December 11, 2017
Venue: Room D. Pedro V, FLUL | Schedule: 9.00am - 2.00pm
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Portuguese version

In an attempt to enlarge the scope of reflection and debate on the state-of-the-art problems in Utopian Studies, this meeting proposes: to explore, examine and analyse the ways in which contemporary thought questions and reshapes the idea of utopia, taking into consideration the recent and fundamental issues raised by theoretical and critical insights of utopian scholars. In so doing, it hopes to address new research on the projects of current utopias, or conversely dystopias, focusing on their aesthetic, cultural and ideological problems, as well as on their thematic and literary, psychological and socio-historical underpinnings. A new research able to relate the (re)configuration of the myth to great issues that have appeared or been intensified in our age: among them, ecology, identity, the rights of man and women, gender, feminism and post-colonialism, besides globalization, concerning our world without centers and borders, geographical and temporal or ethical, aesthetic and disciplinary frontiers, and as such involving all the others.

Activity organized by Travel and Utopia project, LOCUS Group.

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