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P.I.: Helena Buescu


This project aims to structure and to develop the field of World Literature in Portugal, based on two theoretical assumptions: the comparative perspective and the estrangement of reading. It currently develops a set of anthologies (3 vols) on World Literature in Portuguese, based on the assumption that the world-scope of literatures in Portuguese, in terms of geographical spread (Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia) and of number of speakers (270 million) may be considered as a paradigmatic example for other cases. The project argues that it is necessary to develop a non-Eurocentric conception of European literatures, and that such is the case of literatures in Portuguese.

Research team:



Up until 2020, WORLD LITERATURE will develop the following objectives: 1) completion of the 3-volume anthologies under research; 2) preparation of a submission to an ERC Advanced Grant; 3) a project in Digital Humanities, through the design and development of a comprehensive website, with a cartographic visualization of the results of the 3-volume anthologies, historical and geographical maps, guidelines, and paradigmatic texts of the anthologies in digital version; 4) organization of the 2015 session of the Institute of World Literature (IWL), coordinated  by Harvard U, gathering 150 students and 25 faculty from top Universities around the globe; 5) advanced training, through regular invitations to top scholars in the field.


Previous activities:

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  • 2012. Silva, Maria Graciete. "Cartografie prospettive: Letteratura Mondo e identità europea" in La Letteratura e la Formazione degli Europei, Roberto Antonelli, Marta Materni and Gioia Paradisi (ed.). Roma: Bagatto Libri. 73-80.
  • 2012. Buescu, Helena Carvalhão. “The Republic of Letters and the World Republic of Letters” in The Routledge Companion to World Literature, Theo D’Haen, David Damrosch and Djelal Kedir (eds.). London: Routledge. 126-135.
  • 2012. Um Cânone Literário para a Europa. Helena Carvalhão Buescu, Maria Graciete Silva e Cristina Almeida Ribeiro (orgs.).  V. N. Famalicão: Húmus.

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 Support from:

- Universidade de Lisboa  

- Centro de Estudos Comparatistas

- FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia  

- Camões I.P. - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua

- Comissão Nacional da UNESCO

- Plano Nacional de Leitura 

- Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores 

- Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

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