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Doris Wieser

FCT Research Fellow

Portuguese Version

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Biographical Note:

Doris Wieser holds a PhD in Ibero-romance Literature from the University of Göttingen with a thesis on the crime novel in Latin America, published under the title Der lateinamerikanische Kriminalroman um die Jahrtausendwende. Typen und Kontexte [The Latin American Crime Novel at the Turn of the Millennium: Types and Contexts] (2012). She was a postdoctoral fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Centre for African, Asian and Latin American Studies (CEsA / ISEG) at the University of Lisbon from 2014 to 2016. With her current research project on political and literary constructions of national identities in Angola, Mozambique and Portugal, she has been awarded the FCT Researcher competition (Investigador FCT) and has been working at the CEC (FLUL) since January 2017. From 2008 to 2016 she was an research and teaching associate at the Department of Romance Philology at the University of Göttingen. She concluded her Magister in Hispanic, Lusophone and German Philology at the University of Heidelberg. Her research interests centre on Lusophone literatures, Latin American literatures, crime novel, gender studies, memory studies, and the construction of identities.


Selected Publications:


  • Rodrigues-Moura, Enrique / Wieser, Doris (orgs.) (2015): Identidades em Movimento. Construções identitárias na África lusófona e reflexos no Brasil e em Portugal. Frankfurt a.M.: TFM, Biblioteca Luso-Brasileira. 301 págs.
  • Wieser, Doris (2010): Crímenes y sus autores intelectuales. Entrevistas a escritores del género policial en América Latina y África lusófona. München: Martin Meidenbauer. 236 págs.
  • Wieser, Doris (2012): Der lateinamerikanische Kriminalroman um die Jahrtausendwende. Typen und Kontexte. Münster: LIT (LIT Ibéricas 1). 395 págs.

Recent Articles:

  • Wieser, Doris (2016): Eduardo Lourenço e Severino Elias Ngoenha em diálogo: uma leitura decolonial”. Cerrados, v. 25, n. 41, pp. 222-237.
  • Wieser, Doris (2015): “Aculturação, ʻcafrealizaçãoʼ e identidade moçambicana em Choriro, de Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa”. Navegações, v. 8, n. 2, pp. 108-117.
  • Wieser, Doris (2015): “Discriminação racial e (re)construção nacional em Moçambique: O Alegre Canto da Perdiz, de Paulina Chiziane”. Via Atlântica, n. 27, pp. 77-92.


National Identities in Dialogue: Political and Literary Identity Constructions in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique (1961-present)

This research project aims to contribute to a better understanding of how national identities are constructed in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, before and after the Carnation Revolution (25 April 1974), in the complex tension between colonial power and colony. Neither the identity of the (ex)colonizer nor the (ex)colonized can be fully understood without taking in account the dialogue with the other(s). Politics and literature play a significant role in the construction of national identities. Identities, created and spread by the authorities, are partly affirmed and partly delegitimized by literary works. This research project therefore deals with literary works (poetry, prose), counterpoints them with political discourses (decrees, manifestos, propaganda) and examines the diachronic change in the construction of identity from the late colonial (1961-1974) to the postcolonial era (1975-present). The construction of national identities in these countries and the two historical stages have been explored individually, but not from a comparative, dialogic and diachronic perspective, which greatly enriches the perception of contradictions and ambiguities between the created auto- and hetero-images of the nations.
This project is developed in the scope of the research group CITCOM



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