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Pedro Vieira de Moura
PhD Student
Versão Portuguesa

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    Biographical note:

      Pedro Moura (MA, Univ. Nova Lisbon, 2009) is a PhD student at the Comparative Studies Centre of the School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon, with a project on Trauma Studies and Contemporary Portuguese Comics (co-tutelle with the Catholic University of Leuven pending). He holds a Master Degree in Aesthetics Philosophy from Univ. Nova (with a dissertation in Memory in contemporary Francophone comics). His main interest is the study of contemporary international comics production, specifically in long narrative forms and experimental comics, although he also works on illustration and animation (and, occasionally, literature). In that area he has acted as translator, publisher, editor, documentarist and teacher. He curated the exhibition Tinta nos Nervos, at the Berardo Collection Museum, and is also the coordinator of the Conference on Comics in Portugal. He has also written for television documentaries, animation and musical theatre, and writes regular critical reviews (of both primary comics texts and comics scholarship) in his own blog.

      Selected publications:

      Curriculum Vitae

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