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Entrada seta Publicações seta Livros seta Stories and Portraits of the Self

Stories and Portraits of the Self
ImageOrganização: Helena Carvalhão Buescu / João Ferreira Duarte
Edição: Rodopi
Ano: 2007

Introduction: Signposts of the Self in Modernity

PART I - The representation Dilemma

  • "The Self as a Work of Art: Proust's Scepticism", Christopher Prendergast
  • "(Re)Constructing, (Re-)Membering Postcolonial Selves", Paulo de Medeiros
  • "Doing Identity' in Fiction: Identity Construction as a Dialogue Between Individuals and Cultural Narratives", Aleksandra Podsiadlik
  • "Self-Representation and Temporality: 'Parabasis' in Guimarães Rosa's Grande Sertão: Veredas", Clara Rowland
  • "New Man: Marie Kessels' Inner Portrait of a Writing Self", Daniël Rovers
  • "Good Intentions, Ethical Commitment, and Impersonal Poetry: The Work of Gerrit Kouwenaar", Gaston Franssen
  • "«For-Getting» Plural Selves: Narrative and Identity in Caryl Phillips's A Distant Shore", Jan Rupp
  • "The Straitjacket of Normality. The Interaction with the Psychiatrist in Maurits Dekker's Waarom ik niet krankzinnig ben", Lars Bernaerts
  • "The Self's Struggle for Recognition: August Strindberg and the Other", Lars Dalum Granild
  • "Unshaded Shadows: Performances of Gender in Emily Dickinson and Luiza Neto Jorge", Marinela Freitas

 PART II - Signalling Identity

  • "The Identity Paradigm", Peter Brooks
  • "The Global I", Roland Greene
  • "Staining the Past with Ink in Lorenzo Da Ponte's Memorie (1830): The Fallacies of Autobiographical 'Writing'", Davy Van Oers
  • "Between Autobiography and Fiction: Narrating the Self in Gabriel García Márquez's Vivir para contarla", Eli Park Sorensen
  • "The Passion of Lena Christ: From Fictionalized Autobiography to Biographical Novel", Mirjam Truwant
  • "Dreams in the Mirror: George Steiner by George Steiner", Ricardo Gil Soeiro

PART III - Images of the Self Across the Arts

  • "Reading W. G. Sebald with Alberto Giacometti", Timothy Matthews
  • "The Impossible Self-portrait", Paula Morão
  • "Between Literature and the Visual Arts: Portraits of the Self in William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore, and Fernando Pessoa", Anna Viola Sborgi
  • "Photography and Shadow-Writing: Henry James's Revisions of the Self in the New York Edition", Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen
  • "Consumed by the Audience. Inhibition, Fear, and Anxiety in the Oeuvre of Bruce Nauman", Patrick Van Rossem
  • "There Was Something about Mary: Mary Pickford's Perfect 'Little American'", Anke Brouwers
  • "Paint it Red: Death Artistry as a Portrait of the Self", Verenna-Susanna Nungesser



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